Compass Eye Bearing Compass App Reviews

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Favorite compass app

Not only a very cleaver use of camera with compass, but it has become my go-to direction finder. For example I can now map the boarders of my property limited only by the inherent accuracy of the phone, not by my ability to visually line things up. Have been using it for four years and never found anything better.

Simple and nice

Very nice application with a great support from mail.. We would like more like this..

Zoom out of focus

Impossible to use zoom function, totally out of focus, cant see a thing. Otherwise relatively useless because of unworking zoom.

Waste of money

Useless and is a waste of money. There are better free apps

Works as Advertised

Although I have only armchair tested this app, it works as advertised. The augmented reality camera/compass is a nice feature which should be useful on the water especially with the ability to zoom. I dont see how the compass rose map feature will be helpful on the water without a data connection. It would be great if it could read locally stored ENC or raster charts. Id pay 10 times the $2.99 price if it could do that.

Nice app

This is a pretty neat app. It seems to work quite well though I am only armchair testing as well. Besides the navigation utilization, this app could readily advise one of whether they are being knocked or lifted when sailing a course. The compass does seem to be nicely dampened as well. I agree with Nobstacle that the ability to download charts for an area, and thus be independent of data (when at sea) would be great. Id only pay a few times the cost of the app for that function though. Oh, instead of a N displaying next to the bearing when in True mode Id like to see a "T". Cant wait to try this at sea.

Distance and bearing

You need to add a function that allows you to enter a waypoint lat and long - so the user could determine distance and bearing to a particular location. I cannot find an app that does that. All the new apps emulate chart plotters. What is need is to be able to find distance and bearing to a particular spot (for setting up sail boat races for example). Also such an app would be useful to make sure the anchor is set.

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